Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today In History; Restored Da Vinchi Painting on Display

1999: Always at the cutting edge of art, Leonardo Da Vinci was experimenting when he painted the famous mural The Last Supper (1498). Da Vinci decided to use oils on wet plaster - a most unusual combination. Due to the technique, the mural started to erode as soon as he completed it.

The painting, which depicts Christ and his disciples sharing the Jewish Passover seder just before his arrest and crucifixion, is considered a masterpiece. Art experts have restored it many times over the centuries. The most recent restoration took 20 years! When the experts carefully removed the paint of previous restorations, they uncovered sublime details in the faces of Jesus and the apostles, the food, and the tablecloth. Although no restoration is perfect, most art admirers feel that the latest restoration is very close to the original. The restored painting was first unveiled at the Milan monastery in 1999. You can still view it there today.

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