Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Conquest of the Americas

By Princessa

This is a quiz I did about the Conquest of the Americas. The correct answers will be colored.

1 Montezuma did not immediately attack Cortés when he arrived because _____.

Cortés gave Montezuma valuable gifts
Montezuma thought that Cortés was a god
the Aztecs were basically a peaceful people
Cortés offered to help Montezuma conquer neighboring peoples

2 The Aztecs believed that if they did not make blood offerings to the sun god, _____.

the sun would not rise
crops would not grow
the seasons would not change
they would not be victorious in battle

3 Cortés' main reason for coming to Central America was to search for gold.


4 Cortés built his new capital, _____, on the site of Tenochtitlan.

New Madrid
Panama City
Mexico City

5 Cortés responded to his men's rebellion by _____.

burning all his own ships
sentencing them all to death
sending the men back to Cuba
selling the men to the Aztecs as slaves

6 Cortés was helped in his conquest of Tenochtitlan by _____.

the Mayans
Spanish troops
Spanish priests
the Tlaxcallans

7 Cortés and his troops greatly weakened the Aztecs by _____.

burning their crops
taking away all their gold
exposing them to smallpox
cutting off their trade routes

8 How did Pizarro defeat 8,000 Inca warriors with only 168 men in 1538?

The Inca emperor ordered the Inca warriors not to attack.
Pizarro laid siege to their city and starved them out.
The Inca were unarmed and Pizarro ambushed them.
Pizarro threatened to kill the Inca emperor if the Inca fought back.

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