Thursday, May 31, 2007

Johann Sebastian Bach

By Princessa

  • Born: 21 March 1865.

  • Birthplace: Eisenach, Thuringia (now Germany).

  • Died: 28 July 1750.

  • Best Known As: German Baroque Composer

Johann Sebastian Bach, the most reowned member of a distinguished family of German musicians and composers, is considered one of the greatest composers in history. A virtuoso organist who was famous throughout Germany durinbg his career, Bach served as a court musician and composer in Arnstadt, Weimar, K├Âthen and finally as cantor and director of music at Leipzig (1723~50). His most famous works include The Brandenburg Concertos, Well-Tempered Clavier and Art of the Fugue. Bach's fame during his lifetime was due to his ability as an organist more than his reputation as a composer, but since the 19th century he has been hailed as a genius whose work represents the peak of the Baroque era.

Bach fathered 20 children, some of whom were also celebrated musicians, and he was the grandfather of noted composer Johann Christian Bach (1735-82).. Bach's music inspired a 1968 hit record: Switched-on Bach by electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos.. Popular cellist Yo- Yo Ma is known for his interpretations of several Bach pieces.

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