Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Today In History; Betty Ford, Former U.S. First Lady; Franz Liszt gives recital for Queen Victoria::: Double!

Ok, you may be asking.. "Is it a special day!?! :].................... If not, why is Princessa's Blog having double Today in Histories?"

Ok, ok, I know, there really isn't a reason, just found some interesting Today in Histories and I just said, hey, my blog needs a random present! I haven't updated my blog that much, maybe add a couple of pictures, but that is all, due to my being busy. I only write those posts, nothing much other than that, so.. Today I'm Doing A Special!

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1886: On this day in 1886, composer Franz Liszt gave a recital for Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle in Windsor, England. Hungarian-born Liszt was considered a musical genius, having made his public debut at the age of nine. Liszt was credited with creating the practice of the solo piano recital. Considered by many to be the greatest pianist of all time, Lizst was also a prolific and vastly talented composer. His compositions for the piano are among the most difficult to play.

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1918: Former First Lady Betty Ford was born Elizabeth Ann Bloomer. She grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and aspired to be a dancer. She became a member of the Martha Graham Dance Company in New York City, but later returned to her roots in Michigan. In 1948 she married Gerald Ford, who was in the midst of his first Congressional election campaign. Her husband's political career as a long-term Congressman from Michigan demanded a lifestyle that included living in Washington, D.C. Gerald Ford was vice president in the adminstration of Richard Nixon and in 1974, when President Nixon resigned, Ford became the fortieth president of the United States. Shortly afterwards, the First Lady underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer. As a public figure, she became an important spokesperson for the early detection of the disease. Later, she suffered from alcoholism and an addiction to analgesic drugs. On the insistence of her family, she sought treatment, and after her successful recovery she established the Betty Ford Center for chemical dependency.

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